How do I add my Rite Aid savings card number successfully?

1)     Before you add your Rite Aid card number you have to enroll your savings card your in Rite Aid’s Wellness Program at: ‎ or call 1-800-RITE AID (1-800-748-3243). If you need help with enrolling your card in this program, you can click on the “Live Chat Button” and a Rite Aid customer service representative can assist you with the process. The card must be enrolled with Rite Aid Wellness Program before you can add it for Cellfire. Please keep in mind, even if you have registered your savings card you still have to complete this process separately to get the card to work.
2)     Please wait up to 30 minutes for your information to be updated in Rite Aid’s database.
3)     Be sure to add the numbers only with all the spaces removed.  If you scanned your card you may need to remove the preceding MK added by the card.

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